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Pray for Us - First and perhaps most important, we ask that you pray for us. Pray that God will direct us so that we can present the Gospel in the best manner possible so that it will result in people accepting Jesus Christ, and becoming disciples of Him.

Fishers of Men - This is a referral program that provides help for those who express a desire to get closer to God, and who want someone to pray with them. It provides for someone to contact you, and help you with whatever you are currently dealing with.

Testimonies - Throughout this site, we have and are continuing to add testimonies of persons who have been delivered by the power and the love of God. If you or someone you know has a tremendous testimony that will inspire others, please let us know here.

Suggestions - Send us your suggestions for links and ideas which you think would help people come to know Jesus Christ.

Links - Link this page to your website. Here we provide buttons that can be used on your site, as well as the HTML code to place on your site, if needed.

Referrals - This site has no income or budget to advertise itself. Other people need to know about us. You can spread the gospel by sending our URL (elhijodedios.com) to other people, and adding a link to us from your site. If you'd like, you can copy and paste the following message:

I have found a very interesting site on the Internet. As a free service, this site provides hope and encouragement for many of life's problems. Its address is elhijodedios.com

If you share the vision to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, forward this message to several other people today.