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This site provides information about Jesus Christ, who God is, who the Holy Spirit is, how to pray and how to be saved. Miracles as performed by Jesus nearly 20 centuries ago are listed. We offer personal testimonies of persons being saved, healed or delivered in the name of Jesus within recent years.
We trust your visit to this site will be a pleasant experience and will make a difference in your life, as you become better acquainted with the teachings of Jesus, and learn of the free gifts He has provided for you. These gifts from Jesus will bring joy and peace to your life if you will trust and obey Him. He has been my Lord and Savior for more that fifty-two years and I highly recommend Him to you today.
On this web site you will find some easy to read information about Jesus Christ and His plan for you to be saved from a life of sin. I want you to find out how to have real joy in living here on earth and how you can have an eternal life of joy with Him in Heaven.
The Holy Spirit is active in the life of millions of believers in the world today. On this site we provide you information about the Holy Spirit and how you can allow Him to live inside of you to bring you spiritual strength and courage. Life is much happier for persons who accept the saving grace of Jesus and are baptized with the Holy Spirit.
Modern life is often filled with problems resulting from such things as drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual perversion, anger, hostility, stress and greed. Many persons suffer and sometimes despair from sickness and disease. This site publishes personal testimonies from many persons who have been saved and delivered from their sins and who have been healed from sickness and disease through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ.
A model prayer is provided as a guide to direct you in learning how to pray, together with an invitation for your response. References or links are provided to the Holy Bible, devotionals, Bible studies, RealAudio & RealVideo teaching sessions, and other related subjects.
We are not promoting any church denomination or religious group. We are only trying to follow the instructions of the Bible and win people into the Kingdom of God.
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