Was Jesus Christ married?

Question: "Was Jesus Christ married?"

No, Jesus Christ was not married. A recent popular book, "The Da Vinci Code," speaks of Christ being married to Mary Magdalene. This myth / lie is absolutely false and has no basis theologically, historically, or Biblically. While a couple of the "Gnostic gospels" mention Jesus having a close relationship with Mary Magdalene, none of them specifically states that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, or had any romantic involvement with her. The closest any of them come is saying that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene, which just as easily could be a reference to a “friendly kiss.” Further, even if the Gnostic gospels directly stated that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, that would not have any authority, as the Gnostic gospels have all been proven to be forgeries invented to create a Gnostic view of Jesus.

If Jesus had been married, the Bible would have told us so - or there would be some unambiguous statement to that fact. Scripture would not be completely silent on such an important issue. The Bible mentions Jesus’ mother, adoptive father, brothers, and sisters. Why would it neglect to even mention the fact that Jesus had a wife? Those who believe / teach that Jesus was married are doing so in an attempt to "humanize" Him, to make Him more ordinary - like everyone else. People simply do not want to believe that Jesus was God in the flesh (John 1:1,14; 10:30). So, they invent and believe myths about Jesus being married, having children, and being an ordinary human being.

A secondary question would be, "Could Jesus Christ have been married?" There is nothing sinful about being married. There is nothing sinful about having sexual relations in marriage. So, yes, Jesus could have been married and still be the sinless Lamb of God, the Savior of the world. At the same time, there is no reason Biblically that Christ would have married. That is not the point in this debate. Those who believe that Jesus was married do not believe that He was sinless, or that He was the Messiah. Getting married and having children is not why God sent Jesus. Mark 10:45 tells us why Jesus came, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many."

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Was Jesus Christ married?