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Stigmata - what is it? Is it Biblical?

Question: "Stigmata - what is it? Is it Biblical?"

A stigmata is the appearance of the wounds of Jesus Christ on another person. Some include the wounds on Christ's back caused by the scourging and/or the head wounds caused by the crown of thorns in the concept of a stigmata, but traditionally a stigmata consists of five classic points: the side (where Jesus was pierced with the spear to confirm that He was dead), both hands and both feet (the wounds caused by crucifixion). Traditionally, a stigmata is also known as the "Five Wounds" or the "Sacred Wounds of our Lord." Several individuals in church history have claimed to have miraculously received a stigmata. However, there are serious challenges to the legitimacy of these supposed stigmatas. Many have been proven to have been self-inflicted in an attempt to fake a miraculous stigmata. The Bible nowhere instructs anyone to get a stigmata, states that God will give stigmatas, or even mentions the concept of a stigmata. Jesus suffered the wounds so we would not have to.

Recommended Resource: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper.

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Stigmata - what is it? Is it Biblical?