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Jesus said that before He returned the earth would progressively get more and more wicked.

We have legalized sin. We have taken God out of our lives. In America prayer has been removed from school. Abortion is legal. Some drugs are legal. Alcohol, once prohibited, is readily available. Creation is discounted in favor of evolution, a theory already logically proved impossible. Pornography is legal. In some states prostitution is legal. White collar business persons are robbing the poor. The American President commits perjury and gets away with it.

When nations openly flaunt their sins before God, He has no choice but to withdraw His favor. You cannot keep blessing someone who openly rebels against you.

People are hurt and disillusioned right now because of children murdering children. We ask ourselves, "Where did we go wrong?" Was it the violent video games? Poor parenting? Bad schools? Unsavory friends? Available guns? Emotional problems?

Adults, Youth, and Children are crying out for help. We have gone our own way but are miserable.

C. S. Lewis said that "The question in life is not whether you have a philosophy or not; the question in life is whether the one you already have is a good one or not."

What is your philosophy? Is it based on faulty reasoning, on the foundation of this world? Or is it grounded on the Rock, Jesus Christ? Jesus is a sure foundation.

If you would like to pray with us to establish your foundation on this Rock click here.


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