Questions about Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ?

Did Jesus really exist? Is there any historical prove of Jesus Christ?

Why should I believe in Christís resurrection?

Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ true?

What is the Jesus Family Tomb? Has the lost tomb of Jesus Christ been discovered?

What is Christology?

What is the passion of Christ?

Where was Jesus for the three days between His death and resurrection?

Did Jesus go to hell between His death and resurrection?

Is Jesus God? Did Jesus ever claim to be God?

Is the deity of Christ Biblical?

What is the hypostatic union? How can Jesus be both God and man at the same time?

Did Jesus have brothers and sisters (siblings)?

Was Jesus crucified on a Friday? If so, how did He spend three days in the tomb if He was resurrected on Sunday?

Why is the virgin birth so important?

What did Jesus look like?

When did Jesus know that He was God?

Where does the Old Testament mention Christ?

Why doesn't the Bible say much about Jesus' childhood?

Could Jesus have sinned? If He could not sin, what was the point of the temptation?

Why was Jesus baptized?

Why are Jesus' genealogies in Matthew and Luke so different?

What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of Man?

What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of God?

What does it mean that Jesus is the son of David?

Who was responsible for Christ's death?

Why did Jesus have to suffer so badly?

How is Jesus Christ unique?

What are the last seven sayings of Christ and what do they mean?

What was Jesus like as a person?

Was Jesus married?

Did Jesus fight Satan for the keys to the kingdom?

Was Jesus ever angry?

What is the Jesus Seminar?

Why did Jesus say, 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me'?

If Jesus was God, why did He not know when He would return?

If Jesus was God, why did He call God "My God?"

What does it mean that Jesus is the Lamb of God?

What is the kenosis?

What was the meaning and importance of the transfiguration?

What trials did Jesus face before His crucifixion?

Why did Jesus command people to not tell others of the miracles He performed?

Was Jesus crucified on a cross, pole, or stake?

What does John 1:1,14 mean when it says that Jesus is the Word of God?

If His name was Yeshua, why do we call Him Jesus?

Why wasn't Jesus named Immanuel?

The Jesus Papers - what are they?

Is it wrong to have pictures of Jesus?

Is Isaiah 53 'The Suffering Servant' a prophecy about Jesus?

What is the Swoon Theory? Did Jesus survive the crucifixion?

Why did Jesus teach in parables?

What does INRI stand for? What was written on the sign nailed to the cross above Jesusí head?

How long was Jesus' ministry?

If Jesus was God, how could He pray to God? Was Jesus praying to Himself?

Why did God send Jesus when He did? Why not earlier? Why not later?

What is the meaning of those who were raised to life at Jesusí death (Matthew 27:52-53)?

Was Jesus a pacifist?

After His resurrection, why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch Him, but later tell Thomas to touch Him?

What does it mean that Jesus is the 'first-born' over Creation?

How is Jesus different from other religious leaders?

Is 'virgin' or 'young woman' the correct translation of Isaiah 7:14?

Why did blood and water come out of Jesus' side when He was pierced?

What is the meaning and importance of the ascension of Jesus Christ?

Can the various resurrection accounts from the four Gospels be harmonized?

What does it mean that Jesus is God's only begotten son?

Is the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar biblical?

How is Jesus our Sabbath Rest?

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Questions about Jesus Christ