What is the new age movement?

Question: "What is the new age movement?"

The expression “New Age” came into existence in the 1970s and 1980s. It was encouraged along by the circulation of the “New Age Journal,” and a book by Mark Satin called New Age Politics. Marilyn Ferguson’s best selling Aquarian Conspiracy was a presentation of the social agenda and philosophical vision of the New Age. Ferguson’s writing attained status as the unofficial scripture of the movement. As Russell Chandler, one time religious writer for the Los Angeles Times, wrote in his small booklet, Understanding The New Age, “But if Ferguson wrote the New Age ‘Bible,‘ Shirley MacLaine is its high priestess.”

Shirley MacLaine’s book, Out On A Limb, chronicled her reluctant conversion to New Age belief. This book included her travels and studies, which included science fiction-like dimensions, out-of-body travel, contact with extraterrestrial beings, and “trance channeling” (seances) a “guided tour” of the unseen world. MacLaine’s second book, Dancing In The Light, told about her reach into the world of yoga, reincarnation, crystal power, Hindu mantras, and past-life recall experiences mediated through acupuncture. Her spirit guides informed her that each individual is God, and she passed along the “wisdom” to a friend that the person is unlimited. One only has to realize it. (Chandler, Page 6-2).

New Age thinking has its roots, then, in Eastern mysticism which bypasses the mind. There is a new organ of perception—the third eye—which gives spiritual light. One needs to get to the “psychic self” by training one’s self to ignore the messages from the mind. Really it is throwing the mind in neutral.

The Western mind, of course, is trained differently. We are people who use our reason, hopefully. The New Age thinkers came along and said that the mind is not by-passed, but it is actually the mind that is achieving “cosmic consciousness.” They tell us that the mind can create reality.

Neil Anderson in his timely book, Walking Through The Darkness, writes this about the New Age Movement: “The New Age movement is not seen as a religion but a new way to think and understand reality. It’s very attractive to the natural man who has become disillusioned with organized religion and Western rationalism. He desires spiritual reality but doesn’t want to give up materialism, deal with his moral problems, or come under authority” (Page 22). Then Anderson goes on and summarizes the New Age thinking (pages 22-24) as follows:

(1) It is monism. The belief that all is one and one is all. History is not the story of humanity’s fall into sin and its restoration by God’s saving grace. Rather, it is humanity’s fall into ignorance and the gradual ascent into enlightenment.

(2) All is God. If one is one, including God, then one must conclude that all is God. It is pantheism—trees, snails, books, and people are all of one divine essence. A personal God who has revealed Himself in the Bible and in Jesus Christ is completely rejected. Since God is impersonal, the New Ager doesn’t have to be served. He is an “it,” not a “He.”

(3) There is a change in consciousness. If we are God, we need to know we are God. We must become cosmically conscious, also called “at-one-ment (a counterfeit of atonement) self-realization, God-realization, enlightenment or attune-ment (being “tuned in” to the cosmic consciousness). Some who reach this enlightened status will claim to be “born again.” This is counterfeit biblical conversion. The real essential is not whether we be believe or meditate, but who we believe in and what we meditate upon. Christ is true personal objective reality as He said that He was the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).

(4) A cosmic evolutionary optimism is taught. There is a New Age coming. There will be a new world order, a new world government. The New Age thinkers believe that there will eventually be a progressive unification of world consciousness. This, of course, according to the Bible is a counterfeit kingdom led by Satan himself. Christ has the true kingdom which will one day rule on earth with peace for all who accept Him as Savior and King (Revelation 5:13).

(5) New Agers create their own reality. They believe that they can create reality by what they believe, so by changing what they believe, they can change reality. All moral boundaries have been erased by the metaphysical influence of Taoism’s yin and yang, the ebb and flow of competing and complementary forces. There are no absolutes because there is no distinction between good and evil. Nothing has reality until one says that it is reality or says that it is truth. If finite man can create truth, we are in desperate trouble in our society. Unless there are everlasting absolutes from the everlasting God, man will eventually be his own destruction.

(6) New Agers make contact with the kingdom of darkness. Calling a medium a “channeler,” and a demon a “spirit guide” has not changed the reality of what they are. This is the kingdom of darkness of which Satan is the head, who asked Eve, “Has God said?” Those involved in this kind of activity are in contact with the world that is totally opposed to the biblical God revealed to us in Jesus Christ who defeated Satan in His life (Matthew 4:1-11), and then through His death and bodily resurrection, Christ defeated Satan (Colossians 2:15; Hebrews 2:14-18).

The New Age movement is a counterfeit movement that appeals to the minds of individuals leading them to think that that they are God and can enhance their lives through their own person. If this is thought through, it becomes quickly apparent that this is impossible. We are born, grow up, live a while on planet earth and die. Humans are finite. We can never be God. We need someone greater than us yet like us who can come and provide us forgiveness and life everlasting. Only One has filled this description, the God-man, Jesus Christ. Through His death and bodily resurrection for us, He has won for us what we desperately need, forgiveness before God and life that guarantees us purpose and meaning in this life with life beyond the grave. Don’t miss out on who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you. Read John 3 in the Bible. Ask Christ to be your Savior if you have never made that decision for Him. Your life will be transformed and you will know who you are, why you are here, and where you are going.

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What is the new age movement?