What does the Bible say about Christians hunting animals for sport?

Question: "What does the Bible say about Christians hunting animals for sport?"

The closest reference to sport hunting is Proverbs 12:27, "The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting, But diligence is man's precious possession." So, whatever view one takes on sport hunting, it is good and right for the hunted animal to be eaten, not just killed for a trophy. The issue of sport hunting was not a common practice in Bible times. The reason for this is the fact that man hunted for food. In order to put food on the table you either had to grow it, hunt it, and in some cases buy or trade for it. Furs were sold for money in order to purchase things with, in many cases the furs of animals were currency. For early Americans, this was the case. You simply did not sport hunt in those days. It is hard to make a sport out of something you did everyday.

Today is a lot different. Hunting is simply not done as a way of life, with few exceptions. Markets are readily available and civilized cultures have currency. Sport hunting has evolved simply because man has always hunted, and it is in his nature. Scripture does not indicate either way whether it is ok or not ok to hunt animals for fun or sport nor does it indicate a principle that would assume it as a sin or unGodly practice. Sport hunting does not indicate an evilness of man nor does it produce that attitude. In Genesis we read that animals were created for the benefit of man. Adam was given the pleasure of naming them and they were there for his enjoyment, help, and later on as a source of food.

At the beginning of creation, animals mainly served as helpers and enjoyment and not food because Adam and animals alike did not eat meat, but were vegetarians (Genesis 1:29-30). Note also that man was to rule over the earth and subdue it. The earth and all that it had was meant to serve the needs of man. It wasn't until after the fall of man in Genesis 3 did meat become a source of food for both animals and man. Since the animals and the plants of the earth were put under the control of man, God gave the responsibility to man to learn and to use them to his pleasure. That is why animals in research are acceptable, because they are meant to be used instead of humans. Animals do not have the same form of everlasting soul, and likely do not experience an afterlife. This does not mean that we can be cruel and intend evil towards them. The reason why this is wrong is not because it is necessarily wrong and crime against animals but because it reveals an attitude within us that God calls sinful. We need to be careful in sport hunting as to not make it our consumption, nor do it illegally. Killing animals was done in multitudes during the Old Testament Law, and of course this served a purpose at that time.

Sport hunting has it purposes also, although different by far in meaning. Conservationists would all agree that sport hunting is healthy in keeping the population of a lot of animals in check, healthy, and in a lot of cases more tolerable. I would simply say that there is nothing Biblically wrong with it, however, it is also an issue that each person must make for them self. In the Christian life, it is under the liberty of Christians to do it or to not do it. If you do not feel comfortable with it, then search out why that is and sustain from it. If it is something that you enjoy and wish to continue then fine. The only caution here is for either viewpoint to accuse the other of wrong attitudes concerning this subject. In either case, Paul would say, you are both right.

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What does the Bible say about Christians hunting animals for sport?