Did God use the "big bang" to create the universe?

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Question: "Did God use the "big bang" to create the universe?"

Some Christians are vehemently opposed to the "Big Bang Theory." They view it as an attempt to explain the origin of the universe apart from God. Others ascribe to the Big Bang Theory, with the view that it was God Himself who caused the Big Bang. God, in His infinite wisdom and power, could have chosen to use a Big Bang method to create the universe, but He did not. The reason that can be absolutely stated is that the Bible argues against such a method. Here are some of the contradictions between the Bible and the Big Bang theory:

In Genesis 1, God created the earth before the sun and stars. The Big Bang theory requires it to be the other way around. In Genesis 1, God creates the earth, sun, moon, stars, plant life, animal life, and mankind in a span of six 24-hour days. The Big Bang theory requires billions of years. In Genesis 1, God created all matter by His spoken word. The Big Bang theory begins with matter already in existence and never explains the initial source or cause of matter.

In Genesis 1, God breathed life into the body of the perfectly created Adam. The Big Bang theory requires billions of years, and billions of chance circumstances, to get around to the first human, and it never can explain how the first microscopic life form happened to "evolve" from a non-living atom. In the Bible, God is everlasting and the matter and the universe are not. There are different versions of the Big Bang theory, but in most of them the universe and/or matter is everlasting. In Genesis 1, the existence of God is assumed, "In the beginning God..." The true purpose of the Big Bang theory is to deny His existence.

Recommended Resource: Biblical Creationism by Henry Morris.

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Did God use the "big bang" to create the universe?