What are the Christian themes in Prince Caspian?

Question: "What are the Christian themes in Prince Caspian?"

In this, the fourth of this seven volume series, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and Susan are summoned to their beloved Narnia as young Prince Caspian seeks to regain his rightful place upon the throne.

As the story unfolds, we learn the young Caspian's true identity has been kept a closely guarded secret by an ill-meaning uncle, but Caspian's teacher, Dr. Cornelius, breaks his vow of silence by revealing Caspian's true heritage and the wonderful secrets of Narnia's golden past. A civil war erupts when Prince Caspian challenges the evildoers who stole his crown. Outnumbered by an enemy of far superior strength, the enterprise appears doomed from the start, but Narnia is a land of miracles and possibilities--much like our own world!

As the battle rages, unsavory allies offer their assistance--allies who could help turn the tides of the battle--but Caspian's true friends warn the young prince against making holy alliances with unholy creatures. The great Aslan would not have his prince being "unequally yoked" with the unrighteous enemies of Narnia!

A tightly woven plot, memorable characters, plenty of action, and a dramatic climax make up the legendary hallmarks of C.S. Lewis' classic Narnia tales. Prince Caspian is a story of good versus evil, yet it retains all the elements of a real adventure without coming across as preachy or sermonizing. Parents will appreciate the book's valuable lessons in old-fashioned virtue while young readers will thrill to the nonstop suspense and intrigue. What could be better? Prince Caspian is more than entertaining--here is adventure with a purpose.

Recommended Resource: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis - Seven Volumes.

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What are the Christian themes in Prince Caspian?